Developer Said Government’s Policies in Infrastructure are Step in the Right Direction

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Iwan Sunito gave his insights on the during his one day visit in Indonesia when he was invited to be a speaker of a Talk Show program in one of television station located in Kedoya, West Jakarta.

“This is the right policy by the Indonesian government to accelerate infrastructure development in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.”

“Although it aims to answer the transportation problems in the Capital State, but this also affects the acceleration of residential growth in Jakarta,” said Iwan Sunito in Jakarta last week.

“We can see that many vertical residential are arising along the MRT and LRT lines that are set to operation by 2019. These vertical residences create a new trend in residential development, where developers are competing to build vertical residences that are integrated with mass transportation facilities and this will certainly encourage the acceleration of property sector growth in Indonesia.”

Also please bear in mind the UN report made by the economic and social affairs department in 2014 on global urbanization trend, projecting that 66% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050. “A significant leap when we compare the percentage of the world’s population living in urban areas in 1950 that only reached 30%,” Iwan reminded

“Today and in the future people will increasingly want a residence close to the train lane – a concept that may not have been as attractive sell 20 or 30 years ago, ” he added

Iwan Sunito also shed some light on the situation in Australia.

“If we compare it with Australia, the situation Indonesia is facing right now is in some ways similar to Australia’s work on infrastructure in the past.”

Since Australia, in particular the NSW State government implemented the infrastructure development policy, a large number of new residential areas has emerged, for both landed and vertical residence that grow along the transportation line.

“So today, Sydney is like a giant spider web network that connects all areas with the city’s CBD. Of course this is one of the main factors driving the growth of the property industry in Sydney to this day. We, as stakeholders in the property industry, are excited with the current policy made by the Indonesian government. This will have a positive impact not only for the national property industry but also for the general public where the travel time needed from home to the office and vice versa will be much faster and efficient, which in the end will boost the quality of life of the people much better” Iwan Sunito ended. (EKA)

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